The Most Beginner-Friendly Blockchain Games for 2022

The Most Beginner-Friendly Blockchain Games for 2022

Block Magnates

May 6, 2022


Blockchain games are in full swing these days. There are over 400 games in the market, according to a report by Coindesk. With creators launching new projects every week, many exciting games are entering the market. 

So many games are bound to create confusion. To help you make a quick decision, we have curated a list of five interesting games from different categories that will surely attract your attention. 

1. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a game where you can buy creatures called Axies and use them to battle other players in the arena. The Axies are NFT based and are upgradable. You can earn AXS tokens by reaching the leaderboard of the game. 

The game is easy for a beginner, but the cost of entry is higher.

However, recently the game was attacked by a hacker who stole nearly $600 million through a connecting bridge called Ronin. Sky Mavis, the game maker, has promised to reimburse the funds by raising funds and through its funds.

2. Scrap Guilds 

Scrap Guilds is an upcoming Space-Shooter play to earn game by Attack Wagon Games. The game is open to anyone for playing without any kind of initial purchases. 

Players can earn money by collecting scraps and upgrading their ships by using these scraps in the game. Players can also sell these scraps and upgraded ships in the game to earn money.

As compared to other games, Scrap Guilds has no barrier to entry of any kind. The game is free to play, has an easy format, and beginners can easily play it. Neither is there any cost for upgrades unless you buy them directly from other players. Attack Wagon is a game development studio, meaning that they will be brining out other games. Players will have earning opportunities that can be transferred over and continued across several titles and for the long term. Which is very unique. Attack Wagon games will launch Scrap Guilds in Q3 of 2022.

3. Gods Unchained

Gods unchained is an NFT based card game that features cards that players will play to win. Players will play with a deck containing core cards and genesis cards. Core cards are available for free, while players need to buy genesis cards. Players trade various cards to win the most valuable ones.

The game uses the Ethereum Blockchain. You need a MetaMask wallet and ETH for playing the game. The game gives new players a free set of cards to begin the game. Further, players can always buy powerful cards in the game.

4. Battle of Guardians 

It is a game developed by a group of energetic game enthusiasts. It is a fighting game where players will have to contest battles with numerous others to get a win. Only winners secure rewards after each fight or battle. The game has a cost of entry as only those players who can pay a fee will be allowed to battle. In case the player loses, they will lose the money.

The game appears to be simple from a beginner’s point of view but has a higher cost of entry. There will be lesser interest for players with each match as they keep losing, which any beginner would.

5. RaceFi 

RaceFi is an upcoming blockchain game that features a racing metaverse where players can race to earn. It is based on the Solana Blockchain and is the first game with AI/ML features on the blockchain. Overall the game seems easier, but we can only reach any conclusion after the full game is released. 

To earn money, the players have to either reach the leaderboards or buy portions of the game. There will be a leaderboard every few months (or a quarter). Players will have to reach this leadership to earn money. While other players are racing, you can also gamble on the game, making it more interesting. RaceFi will feature a maximum of eight cars in each match.


Blockchain games are a popular way to pass the time with decent earnings. However, for beginners to take an interest, the games will have to be easier and cheaper. A high cost of entry will stop many players from taking part because most players are either teenagers or young adults who cannot afford expensive games. Hence, overall, our top choice on the list is Scrap Guilds which has an easier format and no fees for entry.

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