3 Out of 4 Americans Will to Pay Their Gym Subscription Using Crypto: Survey

3 Out of 4 Americans Will to Pay Their Gym Subscription Using Crypto: Survey

Most Americans are willing to pay their current gym memberships using crypto according to a recent survey by FitRated.

May 23, 2022


Most Americans would be fitter if they were to earn crypto rewards every time they work out, a new survey by FitRated shows. FitRated is a platform that helps fitness equipment shoppers find the best gear that maximizes value.

Fitness for Crypto Rewards

According to the survey, a whopping 81 percent of the over 1,000 citizens with different investment experiences, body types, and backgrounds were asked a variety of questions to gauge whether they would be interested in working out in the metaverse. The metaverse is an interactive extension of the physical world. It is expected to command a multi-billion valuation in the years to come.

Gym Crypto Rewards

When carrying out the survey, FitRated also intended to know whether users would, for instance, participate in Marathons in exchange for BTC. At the same time, they sought to find out whether firms would be willing to leave their mark in the vast digital metaverse.

Desired Cryptocurrencies

FitRated discovered that at least 810 people surveyed would subscribe to a fitness regime if there were to earn cryptocurrency rewards. Of note, 60 percent of those surveyed would, given a chance, exercise for five days every week to make one BTC. According to trackers, each BTC currently changes hands at over $30k.

Gym for Crypto

However, what’s even more interesting is that 75 percent, or three out of four people, were ready to pay for their gym membership using cryptocurrencies. This was further backed out by the discovery that seven out of ten people questioned were willing to cancel their current gym for a fitness membership in the metaverse.

Fitness And the Metaverse Are a Perfect Match

The survey is enough confirmation that more people support cryptocurrencies and that the future of the metaverse is bright. A big part of the metaverse is NFTs, a blockchain-powered innovation that gives users total control of their assets. Also, the survey revealed that most of those surveyed believed that blockchain-powered technologies offered better transparency than legacy systems.

Furthermore, tapping blockchain and merging it with gamification could be faster adoption of the technology. This is because the underlying technology introduces better transparency, as mentioned earlier. However, there is also better security and data privacy.

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